Only diamonds are more rare than true friends

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Friendship is a word, the very sight of which in print warms the heart. Friendship is like your bank account; take care to deposit more than you withdraw.

There is great importance of a friend in every aspect of our lives. A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you just the same. When we make friends it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, what matters is that if he is a true friend or not, will he be able to live up to your expectations or not? If he is able to do that, then precisely, and undoubtedly, he is your best Livejasmin friend and that proves that he will always be therefore you.

There may be many friends in our lives, but there is always a one to whom you are really close, that person is your true friend. In this small jasmin live world of ours a true friend is rare and hard to find. A secret to a healthy friendship is for both people to put more into the jasminlive relationship than demand.

When we make new friends, the first thing we ask them is "who do you think is your best friend"? Some take names of their good friends, but the most common answer we get to hear is "My best friend is my mom "and it's true. We mostly share everything with our moms, but in life a moment comes, when there are some things which we are not able to tell our moms, then what? Then there is someone to whom you can share your thoughts with, that person is your true friend.This moment satisfies a saying:" Like an old wine, True friendship gets stronger with time " The person with whom you share all your thoughts, you trust him and you know that he will always stand beside you I every moment of your life, it may be your sorrow or your happy moments, he will always be there for you. This kind of friendship is known as true friendship.

When you're best friend gets upset or he is not happy with you, then how do you feel? In the first case you just go to him, and u give him a hug and asking him,with your affectionate words " what happened why are u so sad?" if he tells you the problem, then you also feel sad for him. You feel as if the same happened to you, know what that's what true friendship is all about! In the second case, if your friend is not happy with you that you've done something wrong, he might not talk to you, but somewhere, he knows that you must have had some or the other reason behind it, that's why you did it. He also loves you the same, as you love him. This proves a saying "Friendship speaks the language of heart and reaches out with love and warmth. A true friend knows that when you need a hug and that he is always there for you in every moment of life.

A true friend knows everything, when you speak nothing at all. He can read your mind without letting you know anything, and then tries to cheer your mood, by doing everything he can, he just wants to see u smiling, as some true friends are so close to each other that for them a smile of their dear friend can make up their whole day.

Friendship is a magical vehicle in which two distinct souls journey together to different destinations. Imagine you are going out of station, let it be for an important meeting or any other important work, what kind of feeling do you have when you are saying goodbye to all your friends, relatives? You just say that you'll be missing them a lot and "will call you", "love you" and other affectionate talks.

When you are actually gone whom do you miss the most, is that your grandmother, your grandfather, your cousins, somewhere in your heart you miss the one who is really close to you. When you talk to your friend from far off, for how long are you active on the call, may be 1 or 3 hours, that's a lot!! This is the true friendship. Then at that moment you really miss your special friend, you try to think of the most beautiful joys of your life enriched with your friend.

You might be thinking what a story! But, wait, its not a story, it actually happens!This proves that a good friend may be living far, but is only a phone call away.

Good friends share so many wonderful moments of life, but most of all good friends share each other. Friendship is a special package to be handled with care, to be gratefully acknowledged, and whose value we should always esteem. A Father's treasure; a brother's comfort; a friend is both. When you are not well, naturally you don't want to do anything, but sometimes the best medicine is a friend's voice over the phone.

When you achieve something or you have won something who is the one who really gets happy for you? That's a true friend, Friends rejoice in each other's victories. A true friend stands by you and proudly cheers you as you win life's battles.

True friends are together in sunshine and in shade. In today's world there is more showing off rather that being yourself, as you are, let people accept you as you are, why is there a need to change for anyone? Can't we be the real self? We should never hesitate to show the world real self in order to get a true friend.

The most important time spent is with your friends, the world's greatest treasure is the small and simple pleasure of spending your time with your dear friends.Friendship speaks the language of heart and reaches out with love and warmth.

In your difficult time when you feel really very lonely, that the problem you can't even discuss with your mom, then there is your friend whose heart is always open to listening. He will always stand beside you when you need him. A friend always knows when you need a hug.

The world's greatest treasure is the small and simple pleasure of spending your time with good friends. Cultivating friendship includes courtesy, kindness and a genuine interest in others.

As expected, I also do have a friend, who in my view is my true friend, as he understands me a lot, and thus proves worthy of having all the qualities of a good friend!I thank god for giving me such a nice friend and making me so special!

To sum up we can say that friendship is that special relationship in which there are no expectations and no demands; and that your friend accepts you for whatever you are and will stand by you especially in hours of need.

I value my friendship in totality and I respect this relationship a lot, as they are rich who have a true and an understanding friend, and I feel that I'm one of them because for me there was, is and will be a special space for my friends always, in every aspect of my life!

Friendship is not just a word

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Friendships often have two sides. One is positive, the other negative. Everyone has different qualities and different bonds: some have strong ones, some have limited ones, and some are ready to run.

Friends change in line with your age. When you are young you have friends for certain periods of time - as you move on your friendship group does too. Many of friends become strangers after many years, and with some of them, you may not even remember their names.

Some friends are good for fun, some for study, some for support, some for career, some for help, some for advantage, some for day, some for nights. And some are simply good for nothing.

When you reach adulthood friendships change. For example you meet new friends at college, university and even work. Basically friends are not forever. They are there for the time you are with them - during term or as long as you work together or have regular contact. Once you move out or finish your studies, then the friendship may end there and you may not have contact for years.

Some friends can be for life, a bit like your wife. Your female friends at college or universities or work may come so close that you will become physically, emotionally, and perhaps sexually attached. You may turn this friendship into a relationship that you might regret later,you may have an ever lasting relationship.

You need friends to support you, and in some cases to share all your secrets with, but sometimes by doing this you are making mistakes which you may regret for the rest of your life. You may have, in your best friend, your biggest future enemy. This may not always be the case, but you may still need luck.

Finding a true friend is not an easy task. If you find one, then you have a treasure. You have a gold coin, a diamond for life. You are the most lucky person in the world. Let's hope the other side will work too, you you will be feeling that your friend feels just as lucky. We are human and we don't change over night, and the devil inside us can win most of the time.

My opinion may not the best at all times, and I have been proven wrong many times by myself. Yet I believe one should have, as a best friend, none other than your son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife, mother or father. Who could be better than this, since they are your next of kin. You should only share your secrets with them. Nobody else.

Some people love making friends, and spend most of their time with them. They give more importance to friends than family. But everyone has the right to do what they want and live the life they choose. I would dare to say that they are wrong, however. Some people choose to share secrets with a stranger rather than a best friend. What about you? Do you have a friend?

The Psychology of Friendship

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With social networking the very crux of modern virtual living, it is simply not possible to avoid a psychology of friendship. But live sex chat friendship may not be as simple as it seems as it has got several layers and complexities and friendship can be of many types. Yet friendship like love depends on the single factor of attraction and in this case, it is more of a mental and emotional rather than attraction. So when romantic love begins with physical attraction, friendship is more mental, emotional or psychological.

Among maybe thousands of students we meet in school or a few hundred we meet at the workplace, we finally become close and attain a level of friendship with very few or limited people. So like love, friendship also goes through our internal filter and as we choose our lovers unconsciously, even our are chosen unconsciously as we intuitively understand who could be our true friends.

Apart from the fact that there is this unconscious and filter which we exercise when we choose our friends or lovers, we also do get consciously attracted to people with whom we develop long lasting relationships and friendships. This attraction could be sexual but most likely we are attracted to the personality, to someone whose personal style, mannerisms and attitudes seem fascinating, intriguing or simply similar. There could be a narcissistic theory to this as we choose who may look, talk or think like we do and usually there is this mental rapport from the very beginning. Just as love could happen at first sight, friendship could also begin with at first sight.

Now this liking could have several gradations and in some cases you would simply like to remain as contact as in networking. You simply follow a person on twitter or add someone as friend on face book because there is this basic or unconscious liking or at least a that there could be some gain from the virtual relationship. However this is the first superficial layer of friendship just as you would smile at or share a piece of news with in a train without ever keeping in touch or meeting again. This sort of friendship is the 'random friendship' variety.

Most of network friends who you do not know would be such random friends and strangers who you meet once and share a random conversation in a flight or a train or a bus would also be such random friends. This is the first layer or stage of friendship and in most cases we do not go beyond this stage. Most people we meet in our lives would be such random friends. This is a friendship of no expectations on both sides. This sort of fulfils our basic social interaction and communication needs. Say for example, you give a speech at a conference and some people ask you questions about and you answer them, to you these are your listeners but in this basic interaction there is a sense of rapport and almost an initial level of friendship. These, your listeners who choose to communicate with you are your random friends and they fulfil your interaction and communication needs.

The next stage of friendship is the distal friendship stage is which there is some unconscious or conscious expectation from the friendship and there may be a sexual or emotional attraction. This sort of friendship is with people you regularly communicate with and you are also most likely interested in their activities. Distal friends are people you may or may not meet but are people with whom you want to maintain a long term and meaningful relationship and in most cases you have some knowledge of what goes on or in their social or personal lives. This is the second level of friendship and second type of friendship and although there is expectation from this sort of relation, there may not be any clear idea as to what expectations there are. You simply know that you want to remain in touch with such friends and they are more than just contacts. These friends fulfil our power and recognition needs as with such friends we are assured that there are people in the world who care about and are interested in our lives, dreams and achievements.

The third stage and type of friendship is of close proximal variety and this is the friendship between members, close school friends, close workmates and friendship between spouses and lovers. In this sort of friendship there could be many expectations and there is sometimes an intuitive connection. The initial reason for friendship could be physical attraction as in spouses or simply emotional connection as with family members or there could be a shared life and shared physical activity as in case of school or friends. The close or proximal friends would know most details of your life and this sort of friendship entails expectations of sharing which may or may not be realistically possible.